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March 8, 2012
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TUTORIAL::How to make Transparent BG in SAI by whitty-boo TUTORIAL::How to make Transparent BG in SAI by whitty-boo

EDIT: If the option for PNG doesn't pop up for you, check out this journal that will explain why:
Paint Tool SAI and TRANSPARENT .PNGVarious Paint Tool SAI users might have noticed it, me included, and it always bugged me a bit.
Apparently, SAI doesn't support .PNG transparency. Meaning, when you go and try to save an image supposed to have transparent areas, the picture still gets a white background.
To fix this, I and possibly other people used to save the project as .psd and load it in Photoshop or similar programs to save the file with the wanted transparent area.

Well, a quick search made me figure out that it instead DOES allow to save images with transparency, so I was wondering how.
After checking a tutorial that sadly now got deleted, I realized that transpare

I'm not responding to "IT DOESN'T POP UP FOR ME ;A;" anymore, because if it doesn't you need to read the artist's comments and go to that journal and get your copy of transparent-supporting SAI.

My first tutorial lolol //fail

A lot of people have been asking me how to do transparent backgrounds in Paint TOOL SAI. There weren't any tutorials on dA that seemed to be as simple as how I did it (there were barely any in the first place so.)

If you have some trouble understanding the summarized pictures, here's some more info on it.

Basically, in SAI everything you draw is automatically "transparent". When you save as JPEG, which doesn't support transparency, everything "transparent" is turned to white, like how you see it when you are drawing in the program.

Adding a new layer underneath and making it a different color allows you to see things you missed, preferably the whites. Let's say that when I added the yellow, Casey's white hoodie turned yellow also. That means I need to go in and color it white or else it will become transparent as well.

Saving it as 32bpp makes all the areas you didn't draw on turn transparent.

Some tutorials say that you have to merge all your layers into 1. That is not true. I could have had 3 or 4 layers on that Casey picture, it doesn't affect transparency.

I hope you guys find this helpfull!
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