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October 16, 2012
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NMWH: Damien R. Halvor [APP] by whitty-boo NMWH: Damien R. Halvor [APP] by whitty-boo
EDIT: Changed stats, updated application.


Alternate References


    Name: Damien Rhys Halvor (But noone knows his middle name is Rhys, lol)
    Age: 27
    Birthdate: September 6th
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 185.5 lbs.
    Height: 6'1''

    Hunter Type: Armacasrius/Invoker
    Level: 15

    Quote: "I won't let you slow me down."

    Personality: Damien is a lone wolf. He likes to be alone and he likes to work alone. If others are battling together, he will move and battle somewhere else, apart from the group, even if the enemy is common. This makes him almost antisocial and a very awkward person in crowds. He is known to become completely flabbergasted, flustering when someone hugs him and won't let go. It's the easiest way to break him out of the " cool guy" facade and see him start to panic while trying to contain it internally. he isn't a fan of the loud noises or annoying people, which makes him brutally harsh on his students. If there's someone who's not abiding by rules in classroom, he has zero tolerance for them. Damien comes off as bit egotistical, but what can you say? He's very confident in his reasons and strategies. He doesn't get cocky, though, and is always calculating everything when in battle, never letting down guard. He has a soft spot for cunning people. If you can make him smile (which he only does once in a blue moon), then you can easily know deeper aspects of him, and you will have his heart. Because of the distance he keeps from people, and with his personality that keeps people away from him, it's rare he finds one who will actually have a conversation with him. Thus, he finds it refreshing and comforting to actually get to talk to someone one-on-one just for the sack of conversation.

    Strengths: Getting things done, being independent, keen eyesight/vision
    Weakness: Working with others, hugs, determined people, children, difficulty taking orders.

    Talents: Picking things out from the corners of his eyes, making it impossible for students to sneak around or make any bad moves in class.

    Likes: Bitter taste, Dark chocolate, more TBA
    Dislikes: Sweets, Lolipops, huggers, more TBA

    Background: Damien grew up living in a high class home and area. He was a rather secluded child even growing up, as he was an only child. At a young age, Damien knew that he was going to get married to his family friend, Amaryllis Winmer, who he knew growing up, but didn't spend much time with as a kid. Because their parents had arranged the marriage, their relationship was always formal, in fact, in all the years he knew her, he only ever found out two things about her, really: that she ironically hated the color red, and that her favorite flowers were marigolds.
    When Damien was 18, Amaryllis 17, the two was arranged to marry when Amaryllis' father became ill. Her father wanted to make sure Damien inherited the ownership of his land and property, so the marriage was moved up by a few years. The two agreed, having coped with this pre-made decision years before, and finding it something they expected to happen indefinitely. Having formally known each other for a long time, Damien and Amaryllis got along fine. Their marriage wasn't ideal, most perfectly romantic or anything. They simply existed together, caring for one another, but not exactly falling madly in love.
    Amaryllis, desperate and eager for a child of her own, was happy about the birth of their daughter a year later. They named her Annamaria, Mari for short, after the beautiful marigolds she adored. Mari was born just in time for the death of Amaryllis' father, Damien inheriting almost everything that he owned, as Amaryllis was the older of two sisters. It wasn't a lie to say that Damien and his family was living luxuriously. Despite that, Mari was Damien's pride and joy, who he cared for more deeply than any of his riches.
    Not long after Damien turned 22, the most tragic thing of his life happened. Mari, who was almost 3 years old by now, wandered. She wandered a lot, but this time, she went too far. Damien, working on settling technical family matters and their money, took his eye off of Mari for what seemed to be only a minute. Amaryllis, away in town to grab groceries, wasn't here to look after her. Damien looked up, and she was gone, the backyard door left open by Damien himself. It was getting late, and with the war with Efahs on its eve, Damien knew outside was dangerous. He searched for her, called for her, but he never found her. She was only a toddler, and he knew she couldn't have walked far in that short amount of time. He believed that an it was an Efah that snatched her away.
    Amaryllis came home, to find Mari gone and Damien in panic. This broke out into the largest fight he and Amaryllis had--maybe even their only fight ever. Amaryllis, screaming, took off into the woods behind the house in search of Mari.
    She never came back.
    Damien, who lives alone now, has completely changed from his past self. Before coming to the Wearhouse, he began killing Efahs, soon for pay. He was an Efah Hunter, who tracked down the most devious of Efahs and killed them. Give him an Efah and he would find it and kill it sooner than you could ever imagine. He was contacted soon after to teach at the Wearhouse, and although it wasn't his thing, he needed something to set his mind away from Amaryllis and Mari, whom he swore to never talk about, as if they never existed. His cold fašade soon swept over after that, isolating him from the rest of the world, shielding himself away from humanity, and focusing only on the enemy.

    Battling and Strategies

    Battle Tactics
    Damien's fighting style was inspired by [this video]. Using his high speed and stamina, he circles around the enemies, firing at them using his mass amounts of Magic Attack and arcane from his lantern weapon. He has high accuracy to be able to attack from far away and still hit dead on. Because of his low attack, defense, and health, Damien evades close combat attacks with his speed and tries to avoid getting in small areas, which will restrict him greatly and might cost him the upper hand in a fight. He tries to finish off the enemy quickly, as the longer he drags it out, the more tired he gets, eventually causing him to slow down and become vulnerable.

    Damien fights using the purple lantern. When he's running, the tail of his lantern trails behind him, stretching farther out when he's running faster. (This was also inspired by the video). When circling around enemies, this trail of yellow, orange, and purple can often times confuse the enemies or trick their eyes. Though, sometimes, this can be a downfall, as it marks the path he's taken if he's trying to escape. He shoots balls of arcane from this lantern, curving the arcane in different directions depending on how he throws his arm around.

    Inside of his lantern are 5 special candles, that can float around him and can be controlled by Damien. These candles not only light up dark areas, but they also have special attributes that allow them to create a transparent barrier "bubble" around them. These barriers each have a small radius, so usually Damien will manipulate their positions around so that more candles are put together if he needs a larger barrier. They aren't anything as strong as shields, though, and break easily under constant force or attack. They also only provide temporary blocks against physical attacks, maybe enough to bounce a punch or two off of it before it breaks. They are best used for short term use and for magical defense.


      Health: 90
      Stamina: 120
      Attack: 30
      Defense: 20
      Magic Attack: 260
      Magic Defense: 110
      Speed: 150
      Accuracy: 170
      Control: 50

      Total points: 1000


Damien R. Halvor (c) *whitty-boo

ps: I know the marriage was arranged, they got married young, and Amaryllis had like no rights. This was based off of 19th century shit so....
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*forever late*

He's amazing <33 I especially love his backstory~ Gives a great explanation on why he is a hunter now~ ((Though I am a little afraid for my Talek now lol))

Great character~ Hope we will be able to RP some time >v<)/
whitty-boo Oct 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ah thank you! Talek is pretty awesome aswell //hasn't had a chance to comment anywhere much either orz)

We should RP sometime, though itwould be most interesting XD
xDD Indeed... LOL Would probably be -very- interesting... dangerous but interesting for sure xD
whitty-boo Oct 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*rises pitchfork* :iconallthethingsplz:

Do you have skype or something? xD
whitty-boo Oct 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yup I do, Sunokaze (JWhitnee) is me :)
Added ^^)b
whitty-boo Oct 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
PagodaComics Oct 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha it's a really nice way for char sheet, I really like the book idea, it's also nicely executed. :)
whitty-boo Oct 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ah didn't make the app, that was made by =Neo-Rippiru. ^^; I just filled it out for her group.
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