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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on dA. I just haven't really been posting here as much as I used to. But I'm not dead! I've just been more active on other social media sites! I've been dealing with many art thieves here on dA and that has really made me reluctant to post any work that I've put lots of time into. BUT I miss my pals I would love to still chat, so where can you find me?

SKYPE- I am on Skype at least once every other day at least. Just send me a note and we can add each other on skype!

FACEBOOK- My artist facebook page, and also where I chat with others, is 
I post there from time to time what I've done or what I'm working on, as well as some updates! Please LIKE and SHARE and chat with me!

TUMBLR- I'm pretty active there, and post most of the digital things I'm doing (which are mostly WIPS and the sort). My tumblr is so feel free to drop an ask in my box and I'll follow you back!

So, I hope to see you guys around and hopefully I can post something here once every few weeks, but if you want to see some more work from me, those pages would be much better than here on dA~


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States


Student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, majoring in Illustration with a concentration in Game Arts.

Doing assignments by day, role-playing and drawing anime by night.





Hey guys! I’ve been slowly putting together my patreon and I’m finally happy to say it’s up! I’m super excited to have launched this. Supporters will help me:

Put gas in my car: For four years, I’ve commuted 45 minutes one-way to get to my classes, work study, and any on-campus projects, activities, or extracurricular  activities. I literally have a bag full of clothes, extra toothbrushes, and snacks in the back of my car because I often spend nights in other people’s dorms/apartments to save gas. I can’t afford to live on campus, so I have to commute from outside the city, and it strains my wallet. 

Get me new Art Supplies: I haven’t really been able to afford much supplies and have been using cheap alternatives where I can. I want to be able to do more traditional work; support on Patreon will help me replace my empty tubes of watercolors and ink.

Spend More time on Personal Work: I always want to work on personal projects, but I often have to set those aside for freelance work or putting extra hours into my work study. With support from patreon, you can help ease my financial stress so I can do more stuff for me and for you!

And in return, Patrons will get access to exclusive sketches, WIPs, PSDs, free art, and a bunch of other things you can find on the page!

If you can’t donate, PLEASE support by signal boosting and spreading the word! You can also support me by purchasing commissions here

Hey guys! I'm opening commissions again since my money has been tight recently. You can find the info here:
COMMISSION INFO by whitty-boo

Right now these are prices for finished paintings. I know the prices are higher than what a lot of people on dA are willing to pay, so I've provided some discounts for fan art and for multiple characters. 

If you're looking for sketches, line arts, character sheets, character designing, or other related stuff, email me and we can figure out prices. :)

Please support by spreading the word! Thanks!
COMMISSION INFO by whitty-boo


Updating my commission info since I changed my email (and also the prices and options are different)

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please email me at with info and references! 

- PayPal ONLY, limited to 2 slots at a time. Turnaround of 2-4 weeks.
- Rough sketch will be sent for approval before payment
- Complex designs will be an additional charge of 20-30% from the base price. 
- Background will be solid color or simple pattern dependent on my discretion.
- Props (weapons, toys, backpacks, etc) will be an additional charge of $5-10 depending on complexity. Minor accessories that are part of the character do not count as props.
- Max Additional Characters: 1
- I reserve the right to decline a commission. Commissions are for non-comercial use only.


- Fan Art/OCs (talk to me about fan art discounts!)
- Couples (BL/GL/Het)
- RL People (in my own style and/or interpretation)


- Mecha / Robots/ Cyborgs (with exception of prosthetics)
- Anthro / Furry (minor ears/tails/wings are fine)
- Elderly /Infants
- Overly Complex Armor 

Reblogs greatly appreciated here!  If you are looking to commission me for character designing, character sheets, or other related work, please email me so we may discuss it. 

Chrys Portrait Study by whitty-boo
Chrys Portrait Study
My OC Chrysanthemum from Fire Emblem Awakening. Did this a few months  and it's been on my tumblr but hey let's upload something to dA for once

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